Production limitations

There are a few technological limitations resulting from physical or optical conditions. 

  • 3D effect is not noticeable from a distance larger than 8 m consequence of human eye perception limitation.
  • The more depth is applied the more blurred the closest and far objects appear.
  • If you would like to achieve animation effect connected with viewers moving from left to right – you have to apply the effect on vertical lens. Animation on vertical lens can consist of no more than 3 frames.
  • For precise image fixation, the distance between the viewer and the picture should be pre-determined. It is more important in the case of animation.
  • When you employ flip or animation try to avoid using highly contrasted images. Otherwise ‘ghosting’ effect may appear. “Ghosting” is a slight transition between two neighbouring images.
  • Backlighting will greatly improve any lenticular effect.