Lenticular Art

One of our goals is to spread the idea of using lenticular in artistic work. Many artist have marvelous ideas for lenticular prints but they find it hard to find a trustworthy but still reasonably priced printing house. Lentimax tries to supply for such needs.

If you are interested in printing your images in lenticular technology – send us a preview of your idea, format and the numer of copies needed. We will reply what effect would be best, we can also make a test of lenticular artistic prints and send you the video for evaluation of effect.


Lentimax and the owner Pawel Tryzno did an amazing job producing the lenticular images for my series titled Statues Also Fall In Love. The image quality was outstanding. No challenge ever seemed to be too much for them — they are problem solvers and a pleasure to work with. Without Lentimax this work wouldn’t have been possible. It’s also such a pleasant place to work. I’m going back this summer to produce a book of lenticular images.

Aura Rosenberg

artist, NYC

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Luz Perez


Paris, France



Berlin, Germany



Tallinn, Estonia



New York City, USA


For any inquiries please email

art @ lentimax.eu