about Maret

I am a glass artist living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. My inspiration often derives from the elements of local Northern European nature, native ornaments, motifs and objects in daily life which happen to have meaning because I choose to give it to them. My works constitute a diary of my personal past as the time goes by. It records important moments, happiness, lyrical and glad moods and even sadness.

Personal matters are the most intimate ones. That is the reason for me to focus my creativity to issues, problems and phenomena representing my personal experiences and ideas.

Instead of intentionally saying something with my work I often prefer seeing my work to say something to me. I enjoy the unintentional and surprising outcome. I see it as being in a dialogue with glass.

My favorite techniques are the kiln ones, especially thin-layered pâte de verre. And often I use the glass, as fragile and delicate it may be, as a protective shield for something really valuable.

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