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Based in Berlin artist Andrei Loginov studied at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf tutored by Gerhard Merz and Magdalena Jetelowa. The works of his  series may well be coined „experimental hybrids”. The lightboxes used combine object art and 3D-photography. They display single sculptural forms created by the artist .
All works display an almost sensual surface texture and yet simultaneously
appear disembodied being placed in a space devoid of any dimensions, a space generated by lenticular technique. The printing technique is based on miniature stereoscopic lenses or prisms designed to create the impression of spatial dimensionality.
Historically movement and energy are the very parameters connected by sculpture and photography. Early photography displayed the forces later embodied in sculptures. Modern sculpture again is displayed in the works of Umberto Boccioni, Raymond Duchamp-Villon und Marcel Duchamp. 
They were all equally inspired by movement studies by  Étienne-Jules Mary und Eadward J. Muybridge. Inspired by the ascent of moving pictures in cinematography their figures served to highlight the flow of energies and transformations of reality in the process of continuous exchange. Futurists proclaimed aim was to energise a body with the forces of the environment thereby transmitting the energies via the moving image onto the viewer  (Rübel, 2014, p. 113). 
Loginov combines sculpture and photography creating a new dimension of „photogenic sculpture” transgressing dimensions of material, movement and sensuality as he translates the dimensions of material, movement and perception into the state of transition, a states  escaping a clear definition.

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