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Using latest digital technology allows us to produce lenticular posters of any kind. We can offer solutions for outdoor and indoor purposes. Sizes start at A3 and go up to 120 x 180 cm in one piece. There is no limitation in quantities – we can start from 1 copy. Posters can be framed, laminated on rigid materials, have their own hanging systems etc. Of course we can support your graphics department with all the necessary knowledge, we can advise on finished design and finally prepare mock-up before production.

Murals (or rather multipanel installations) are the biggest challenge in lenticular printing because of unprecedented precision.​
— Pawel Tryzno, Lentimax CEO


We can implement lenticular effects in already existing projects as well basing on graphics used in advertising campaign. Our graphics department has a lot of experience in lenticular technology.

The selection of the type of lens is very important for the proper functioning of the effect. It is possible to mix effects on one lens with some restrictions:

  • The 3D effect on a 40 LPI lens for flips or 20 LPI for animation will be about 50% weaker than when using the lens 28 3D LPI or 20 3D LPI.
  • Flip effect on 28 LPI or 20 LPI 3D lens will work well, although these lenses are more expensive and if the main effect is flip, there is no need to use them
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(cooperation with AMS)HBO ooh campaign
(cooperation with AMS)Durex ooh campaign
(cooperation with AMS)mBank ooh campaign

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