Flip-Flop SnapUp Wall

FLIP – FLOP PopUp walls are new solution for mobile exposition systems. Using lenticular elements attracts viewer attention far more than using regular graphics. You can design almost whole area with lenticular or use only a part.

System is very easy to set up (as usual pop-up wall). One case for construction elements and one for graphics.

  • For our part, we recommend a MarkBric system, but it is possible to use any SnapUp Wall or other building system. If you have your own preferences - send technical drawings to us - we will develop a fixing system.
  • Here are some examples of display systems:

    CleverFrame Elstar AdSystem

file preparation

  • Spread is needed - 5 mm on every side is recommended
  • Do not exceed 150 DPI in 1:1 size and do not go below 72 DPI in 1:1
  • Animation should be saved frame by frame or as layers in PSD. All frames must be the same size and color model. They have to be numbered in proper order
  • Please use TIFF, PSD or PDF file format
  • CMYK color model is preferable
  • Please check size and dimensions carefully
  • Please add requested size to file name (like poster 100x70.psd)

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